We at MyChrono GmbH are a constantly growing company

that specialises in selling luxury goods such as watches and jewellery online.

On our website www.MyChrono.de  you can get an overview of the available watch models, jewellery, and related accessories. In addition to shipping valuables nationally, we also export our products around the world, often to non-EU countries such as the USA, China, and Singapore.

Founded in 2011 as a registered sole trader, our company became a limited liability company in 2012 and was taken over by Mr. Marc Eichenseher in May 2014. A well-integrated and strong team has emerged over the years. Currently our team consists of 3 commercial employees, who are always happy to answer your questions by phone and e-mail, a trainee, who is mainly responsible for photographing our products and editing and adjusting the photos, 3 temporary employees, and an intern.

We consider processing your inquiries and requests as quickly as possible and to your complete satisfaction to be our top priority. We will usually let you know the up-to-date delivery time of your desired item within one business day. Our team is happy to provide a non-binding quote.

We only offer original products, no replicas. They are only new and unworn, with their original glue and packaging. The delivery contents always correspond to that of the manufacturer.

You will of course receive the international guarantee certificate, from the current sales month, stamped and signed.


How can we offer constantly low prices?

We do not run a shop, just an office, which means lower maintenance costs for us.

In addition, we often buy our goods in large quantities, so we can get better purchase prices.

Despite high procurement levels, our warehouse is kept small to ensure liquidity.

Our prices are very tightly calculated, which means that we always calculate the best price for you.


Why should you trust us?

We have had our Trusted Seller certificate at Chrono24 since 2012. It shows you as a buyer that we are a reputable company.

The Trusted Seller Certificate is awarded to dealers that Chrono24 particularly trusts, because we have never had complications when buying from them in the past.

trusted Seller Beschreibung

We also offer the option to use PayPal as a payment system, so your payment is secured via PayPal.

We always ship valuables insured via FedEx or Intex parcel service.

If you have questions, we would be happy to hear from you by phone or e- mail :)

Your MyChrono Team